Четверг, 13 июня, 2024

1D6 XVM Modpack for WOT

1D6 XVM Modpack for WOT

1D6 XVM Modpack is a modpack with only “useful” mods. Players can find there mods and modifications that will be indispensable to the game. The most convenient sights, zoom mod, icons, 6th senses and  other modifications. But also  automatic installer we have to note on  automatic installer. This feature  will alert you in game when new version is available. Modpack 

includes the following mods:

  1. – Contour Icon Mod
  2. – Gold Premium Tank and Special Icons
  3. – J1mB0’s Crosshair
  4. – Harpoon’s Crosshair
  5. – XVM eXtended Visualization Mod
  6. – Zoom In/Out
  7. – Battle Assistant
  8. – Session Statistics by P-MOD
  9. – Safe Shot Mod
  10. – Displays Hitlog on 15 lines
  11. – and much more

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