Четверг, 13 июня, 2024

Aslain’s XVM ModPack World of Tanks

If we talk about the most popular and functional modpack in World of Tanks, then all players with great confidence will say that modpack number one is  Aslain’s XVM Modpack. According to the results of downloading, it is the most popular modpack. Indeed, players love this assembly for a reasons. The main task of all mods improves the game as a whole, make functional changes that can expand the possibilities. The author was able to collect only the most important and necessary mods, which correspond the above goals and pack them into a single modpack.

·         Advantage of modpack:

·         popular and useful mods

·         convenient and understandable installer

·         small file size for downloading

·         The author carefully monitor the updates and regularly improves his modpack

·         Only official mods

·         Short description:

·         All mods in modpack are from different authors, so Aslain always writes the name of the modder. The author selects only the best of the best mods and included them in the assembly:

·         Modpack changes

·         updated XVM to nightly 7632 [fixed days of weeks in hangar and crashing]

·         updated contour icons: DEbranded

·         updated damage log by kszys

·         added Crew Skill Informer

·         small fix to Milkyman skins and Zorgane gun sounds

Lists of mods in modpacks

·       Aslain’s XVM mod. It is only one mod from author Aslain. The author use it for himself and decided ti share with every one. Aslain’s XVM is also popular for players. Very convenient and informative for players.

·        J1mB0’s Crosshair Mod

·        Damage Indicator

·       Zoom-mod – commander’s camera. Allows you to look around the vast part of the battlefield, look behind the buildings and shelters and assess the positions of enemies, and after all this – give orders to the allies. In casual battles, it will not be of particular benefit, as a rule, everyone there – for themselves, but it is a separate topic. But in clan and company battles – it is one of the keys to victory.

·       Damage panel GambitER. This damage panel includes pop-up digits about damage.  Bright, red numbers will save your second because you do not need to spend a time on indicator at the bottom of the screen.

·       Many kinds of sights

Aslain’s XVM ModPack World of Tanks