OldSkools ProMod World of Tanks


OldSkools ProMod World of Tanks

Сборка OldSkools ProMod это давольно популярная европейская сборка ..Очень комфортный инстолятор выполнин на 6 языках и подойдет очень многим для хорошей и приятной игры!


The modpack is preconfigured for a resolution of 1920×1080. For other resolutions have to make their tiny Nachänderungen. ProMod is the most used Modpack in German Scene.

The ProMod Installer has a self-programmed installation routine. At the start automatically determines your World of Tanks installation directory. OldSkools es XVM, Damage Log, Hit Log, Capture Info, Sixth Sense Audio Mod, Fire Audio Mod, Extended Minimap.

ProMod installation owns a home installation procedure. In the beginning, your world in the installation directory Tanks will be automatically recognized. All fonts and data will be set by itself. After setting allows you to “OK” at each point, you can click “Install”.

After successful installation you will find the clutch «World Of Tanks Promod» on your desktop. You must start the game with him.
For those who do not like XVM but also want to enjoy its features, you can use the last option in the installer. It is recommended to use a clean folder “res_mods”, a simple way to clean it, to use the “Delete” button.


  • XVM: Player Ratings WN8
  • XVM: Capture Info
  • XVM: Advanced Minimap
  • XVM: Ingame Clock
  • XVM: Crewchange Addon
  • XVM: Ingame Damage Log
  • XVM: Spotted Marker
  • XVM: Sixth Sense Audio Mod
  • XVM: Fire Audio Mod
  • XVM: Advanced After Battle Reports
  • XVM: Extended Service Record
  • XVM: Tank View Range
  • XVM: Tankcarousel Mod
  •  ProMod Arcade Sights
  • ProMod SPG Sights
  • Accurate Damage Indicator
  • Serverside Crosshair [On/Off Option]
  • Zoomout Mod
  • Magazin Display
  • Scope Shadow Removal
  • Default Damage Panel with:
  • Repair Progress
  • Hitlog
  • Player Information
  • Removed Postmortem Reference*
  • Clean loading screen*
  • No Intro Video*
  • = Just a few optical changes without any special function.
  • Optional: White Dead Wracks
  • Optional: White Destroyed Trains
  • Optional: German Flamer Sound Mod
  • Optional: Disable XVM Statistics & Ratings
  • Optional: Jimb0s Crosshair Mod
  • Optional: Chat/ Anti Spam Filter
  • Optional: Extended Tank Info Panel
  • Optional: Disable “4x” Sniper Zoom Position
  • Optional: Save Sniper Zoomposition
  • Optional: Detailed Viewrange
  • Optional: Sexy Sixth Sense Icon
  • Optional: Angle Indicator for TD / SPG
  • Optional: Clock in Hangar
  • Optional: Radial Menu Reload Script
  • Optional: Enemys Direction of View
  • Optional: Extended Session Statistics
  • Optional: Damage Announcer
  • Optional: Squad Commands
  • Optional: Iam Spotted Mod


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