Среда, 24 июля, 2024

Iron’s modpack

‌Iron’s modpack for World of Tanks‌

Today we represent the new Polish modpack. The modpack includes the most necessary and important modifications. The author carefully monitors his assembly and updates it regularly.

IRON’s MODPack modification package has very well-chosen modifications, which together have very good optimization, compared to other packages does not slow down the game, there are not a thousand items on the battle screen (here is the clarity and convenience).

IRON’s MODPack is always available in the latest release as soon as the new game update.

Always before publishing, we test the package for errors, we do not add to the incorrectly packaged package.

Mods included in the assembly

  • Scope Taipan
  • Session Statistics
  • Map without fog
  • Players Statistics
  • Information about spot
  • WN8 Calculator
  • Minimap in HD
  • Autoequip


Download mail.ru